FORTE Language Services was founded in 2013 in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. The story began with a group of experienced freelance interpreters having decided to combine efforts and go to a whole new level of their professional development.

Have you ever wondered why there is hardly a translation website in Kazakhstan with real staff information? We decided not to become yet another agency simply shifting your order to others, but to create added value. We are not intentionally disconnecting translators from our clients: by keeping in touch we effectively integrate our translation into your processes, choosing the right word, on time. That’s where FORTE’s uniqueness lies.

We position ourselves as a provider of intellectual services. Our main asset is translators holding degrees in the area of their specialization in addition to language degrees. FORTE understands that effective communication with your target markets means more than just talking to people in their own language. It is about being confident you truly connected with the right form of key messaging.