We offer a number of interpreting methods that fit seamlessly into your event, whether it is a meeting, an interview, a board meeting or a conference.

Simultaneous interpreting

With simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates the speaker’s words in real time, with just a very slight delay. Thus the original message and its oral translation reach the different listeners at the same time, allowing the meeting to take place smoothly and pleasantly.

For this type of service, which is highly demanding in terms of attention and concentration, FORTE provides highly skilled and specially trained interpreters. The interpreters work in pairs, with each interpreter working in turn for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Consecutive interpreting

During a consecutive interpreting assignment, the FORTE interpreter takes notes and waits for the orator to finish his phrase or sequence before translating the speech into the target language. The speaker must therefore pause for long enough to allow the intervention to be adequately relayed by the interpreter. It is common to call on a consecutive interpreter during discussions with a limited number of people or during meetings with few participants.

Interpreting equipment

We provide the equipment for the interpreters and also for the audience/listeners when we undertake an interpreting assignment. Thanks to our partners, we apply preferential tariffs and you have no need to worry about installation. A specialist technician is there to ensure that all goes smoothly from installing to dismantling all equipment.

We provide high quality oral translation services to businesses in many professions using our diverse academic backgrounds.