Notarization & Apostille


Both companies and individuals frequently encounter a need for the official notarization of documents, for submission to different authorities. There is no need for you to visit the notary. Just send us the documents and collect them whenever suitable for you. FORTE will provide assistance with delivery service.

Notarial certification of a copy

The notary certifies the copy of the document when providing the original copy. The notary must check the identity of the applicant. Then, the notary certifies the fidelity of the copy against the original document or of another copy, if such a copy is certified or if the copy is issued by a legal entity, being a direct issuer of the original document.


A method for document legalization used if the country where the document is intended for submission is a member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. The apostille is stamped only in the country whose authorities issued the document.

The following is available for apostilization:

  • original documents and copies of marital status (Civil Registry Office)
  • original documents and copies of education certificates
  • certified documents of legal entities (Charters, registration certificates, and others)
  • original copies of documents with notarial certification.

The Convention does not cover documents issued by diplomatic and consular agents, and administrative documents related to commercial and customs transactions.

We gladly provide consultations and answers to all questions and queries regarding notarization and apostille stamps.